Final Take Aways

This course has pushed and challenged lesson planning and the role of student (at the centre) in my teaching.It is difficult to hand over control of the transportation or vehicle to achieve learning outcomes to the students: I am still perfecting this skill as I do not have 100% confidence, yet, but I am working on it.


Authentic Learning is my greatest take away from this course and also the most challenging. I think it is difficult to do because often when we find ourselves in a difficult situations, maybe when learners do not get it, we revert back to how we were taught which definitely was not real world or authentic. From our “Today’s Meet” from week 6, Coleen shared how Ken Robinson states that kids will fidget with low clerical tasks and that does not make them a child with ADHD. What is challenging for teachers is to question how we have always done things, changing our field of vision from teacher centred to student centred, but this does not happen without challenges.

Recently, I saw a quote describing types of teachers on twitter- sage on the stage to guide on the side- but now it seems we are being called to meddler in the middle. Often many students can be on task in an inquiry quite easily on their own while others will need assistance whether in one-to-one or small group setting. Teachers ebb and flow from stirrer to partner creator to knowledge sharer all within the four walls of a classroom and outside them. This dynamic is new vibrant and exciting and I am excited to continue to learn more about ways to engage students to develop the answers and questions themselves when seeking new learning opportunities.

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