My favourite WCW wrestler just tweeted me…

Wow! This week I presented at Teacher’s Convention on the topic of Sport and Religion. In my preparations leading up to the big day, I posted a question out to several athletes on twitter that had identified themselves as Christians in their professional venue. One such person I asked was former professional wrestler, Bill Goldberg, and guess what? He responded:

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.18.06 PM

I have never been more excited in social media then when I received this tweet. Blaska (2014) argues “ consumers have the ability to possibly relate directly with the athlete based on the characteristics they portray.”; from this interaction, I gained real-time, real-world insight into professional athletes and their relationship with spirituality in sport. 10 years ago, this was impossible. It would have involved mailing a fan club or cold calling an agency or league to ask about autograph signing opportunities in order to sneak in my question.


For students’ from upper elementary to undergraduate level, they have an opportunity, well atleast a chance, for professionals to interact with them on micro-blogging platforms. How does this type of communication knowledge change the worldview of our students? When professionals make themselves available for students, how does it advance the education of students in a particular field or area of study?

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